Review: The Tab, Cambridge

Renditions performed at The Junction
30 April 2010
By Milo Yiannopoulos

– To say Candoco overturned my expectations would be an enormous understatement. They were a privilege to watch

I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by Candoco. But I think that’s understandable: you too might have imagined that a dance troupe with a number of seriously disabled dancers would be mildly uncomfortable to watch. That there would be admiring but awkward chatter in the interval, right-on cooing from the stalls and a whiff of patronisation. That the dancing would be so-so, amateurish at best, but that there would be rapturous applause anyway because – well, they’re so brave, aren’t they? You too might have wondered: are you supposed to feel pity? Guilt? Shame? Discomfort? And is it ever OK to laugh?

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