Lucky & Luxuriously Busy

It’s blog time again!  I’m here in a somewhat reflective state as my mind casts over the week that was.

Busy, busy, busy…

The beginning of the week saw the cast of 12 rehearsing at Laban. What a treat! We essentially had four days in the Bonnie Bird to work on fine tuning Claire’s masterpiece.  However tense at times, it was a luxury.  Once Claire has responded to our “What’s My Motivation?” queries, we stopped worrying and, on Wednesday, delivered a well-received work. Thank you Claire. Thank you Gail.

Placing the 12 footage carefully in the archives, we dusted off Turning 20. We rehearsed Thursday and Friday in preparation for our March stint, which will see us touring to Newport, Nottingham, and Brighton.

If you’re unlucky enough to have not seen it yet, get lucky and come see it!  If you’re among the lucky ones who have seen it, why not be lucky beyond words, and come see it again?

With our performance in Newport 14 March there will also be a culmination event of our Moving Bodies Programme in Wales.

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