Springtime in Stanmore

What a pleasure to be back at work in the studio this past week, after spending the previous week with a nasty viral throat infection. Oh, I’ve certainly worked and performed through injury and illness before, but this time it became clear after several days spent in a fog of feverish sleeping and missed meals that it just wasn’t going to happen. The unthinkable was at last approaching–I was going to miss a show! I don’t think I’ve missed a show in my life, professional or not, so I was very disappointed indeed to not be able to perform in Brighton, at a really cool theater that I’ve never toured to, in a really cool town that I’ve never visited, despite living only an hour away. But of course the show goes on (and went well), as the other dancers are all consummate professionals and did a stellar job covering for me and filling in the gaps. Thanks guys! Just keeping everyone on their toes….

So after that it was almost too exciting to be not only eating and moving around, but dancing and working again with our fabulous extended cast of 12. This time we’re re-learning Parallel Lines, the piece we made with Marc Brew seemingly a lifetime ago, refreshing our memories before we head off to Shanghai and Beijing. It was also my birthday this week, second in a string of four birthdays within a two-week stretch. I was very spoiled by a generous outpouring of sweets, cards, and flowers, and relished the chance to chat with friends over a glass (or several) of wine. And we only worked two days of the four-day Easter bank holiday, so that’s an improvement on past years!

Tomorrow back to the studio to polish our movement (and celebrate two more birthdays!) before heading for the airport on Saturday. Very much looking forward to visiting China again, after our first trip in 2008 was so memorable.

Happy Spring!

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