Xièxiè Zhōng guó! – Thank you China!

temples, towers, pagodas, gardens, tea houses, lanterns, lakes, dragons, daft dogs, bicycles, beeping, shouting, antiques, incense, arty alleyways, amazing architecture, higgledy piggledy hutongs, malls, markets, massage parlours, manic mopeds, chillis, chopsticks, noodle bars, dumplings, goose guts, tea pots, tea scams, best friend price, haggling, hawking, spitting, squatting, staring, skyscrapers, scorpions on sticks, koi tsing tao, tsing tao, tsing tao…xièxiè Zhōng guó!

Here are some links to features from that’s (Shanghai) and Time Out, Beijing

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