Photographer: Hugo Glendinning

Andrew is a Franco-British Dance-artist. In 2010, he graduated with first class honours from Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, where he performed works by Rosalind Crisp, Rosemary Butcher and Charles Linehan.

Andrew has been involved in a variety of gallery works including exhibitions Move: Choreographing you with Simon Forti, Mike Kelley, Xavier Leroy and Marten Spängberg (Hayward Gallery/Hausderkunst, 2011), These Associations by Tino Seghal (Tate Modern 2012) and Josiah McElheny’s Interactions of the abstract body (White Cube, 2012).

As a choreographer, Andrew toured his solo, Quasi (2010), in the United Kingdom and France. Along with the artist Adam James, he was awarded the PAL-LAB ‘movement and meaning’ grant by Gill Clarke (2011), for their research Vloism. Andrew joined 5X performance group as a collaborative member which involves writing, performance lectures and performance laboratory workshops. He has been involved as a movement director/choreographer on a variety of collaborative projects including Sam Lee’s music video, The Ballad of George Collins (Mercury nomination, 2012).

Over his career, Andrew has performed in work by Darren Johnston (2009), Joe Moran (2011), Gregory Cauvin (2010-11), Victoria Thiérrée-Chaplin and Aurélia Thiérrée’s, Zoi Dimitriou (2012) and Jan Fabre/Troubleyn masterclass (2012).