Tanja Erhart

Photography by Pedro Machado

Tanja was born and grew up in Tyrol / Austria.

At the age of 6 Tanja’s left leg was amputated because of a medical condition. Since then Tanja explores the world and the possibilities in dance with her various bodies … her one or her three legs, her crutches and her wheelchair.

In Vienna Tanja danced with A.D.A.M (Austrian Dance Ability Movement) and danse brute. She has trained with Adam Benjamin, Alito Alessi, Wolfgang Stange, Sonja Browne, Vera Rebl, Fabiana Pastorini and with Candoco in the UK and AXIS Dance Company in the USA, with whom she was an apprentice for half a year in 2013 funded by a dance scholarship for abroad of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, The Arts and Culture – BMUKK.

In 2012 Tanja graduated as a cultural and social anthropologist in Vienna. Specialising in dance, performance and disability studies, she acquired the skills to reflect, think critically, and grasp connections between scientific theory and the praxis of dancing. She moved to London in 2014 to work with Candoco.