Game Over by Sarah Blanc at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Photographer: Pedro Machado 2014

Cando2 Open Classes

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of our youth company, Cando2? Join them for a taster class to find out more.
You and I Know by Arlene Phillips, Photography by Martine Leroy

You and I Know at GDIF

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival
London, United Kingdom
A new romantic duet by Arlene Phillips told through a series of vignettes set across time.
Let's Talk About Dis by Hetain Patel, Photography by Amanda Thomas 2016

Brave Festival Poland 2016

Polski Theatre in Wrocław
Wrocław, Poland
Playing Another, an evening of two new full-company works by celebrated visual artist Hetain Patel and award-winning choreographer Thomas Hauert at Brave Festival Poland 2016.
Candoco Youth Dancer at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival Opening Ceilidh. Photography by Sarah Blanc

Join us at Whitecross Street Party this July

Whitecross Street Party
United Kingdom
A brand new piece created by Candoco Artists with Angel Shed Theatre Company to be performed at Whitecross Street Party on 16 July.
International Lab 2015, Photographer: Pedro Machado

Practical Dance Workshop at Kalamata Festival

Kalamata Municipal Stadium
Kalamata, Greece
Join Candoco Dance Company ahead of their performance at Kalamata Festival for a 2 hour workshop on 21 July.
'Notturnino' by Thomas Hauert. Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Kalamata Festival 2016

Kalamata Dance Festival 2016
Visually striking movement from Alexander Whitley in Candoco’s latest full company piece Beheld meets Thomas Hauert’s poignant and witty Notturnino at Kalamata Festival 2016.
Candoco Platform Summer School

B Creative Summer School

Platform Islington
London, United Kingdom
Make the most of the summer holidays and take part in a weeklong inclusive summer school for young women with Candoco and All Change.