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Sarah Blanc, Vicky Malin, and Annie Hanauer. Photography by Matt Grayson, 2017
Sarah Blanc, Vicky Malin, and Annie Hanauer. Photography by Matt Grayson, 2017

Candoco Artists Annie Hanauer, Vicky Malin, and Sarah Blanc have kicked off their new project, Take Space,  at The Place. Vicky tells us all about the first few weeks in development.

AnnieVickySarah Take Space is a project, supported by Candoco Dance Company and The Place. Events include workshops, professional classes and R&D at The Place, where each of us are making investigations into a new work this spring. A scratch performance night on the 13th May at The Place will include all 3 of these works in progress. I have already had my first week to make a duet with the brilliant artists Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot and Kathleen Hawkins, and both Annie and Sarah have also begun their research this week!

It has been a busy time for us recently, and really feels like the start of it all. Two weeks ago myself, Annie and Sarah met in a studio to plan our professional classes at The Place. Last week we delivered these classes together, which was really exciting. It was really useful to share and try ideas and get feedback from each other before the sessions. It was good to talk about sections of the class and ways of delivering that feel more natural to each of us, and to realize we wanted to challenge ourselves. Today I have been practicing some of the phrases of movement that I videoed Annie and Sarah doing! I appreciated Annie talking about the benefits and the place of repetition and patterns of movement as I know I often neglect this in my practice. After this planning time together, I think it is fair to say we were excited about teaching class together. We felt confident that we all had something to offer and also something to challenge and develop our work. To finish off the week, Annie also delivered a creative workshop called ‘Serious Play’ for adults with some previous experience of dancing at The Place.

The Audience Club
Session with The Audience Club at The Place

We also had a fantastic evening with ‘The Audience Club’ at The Place. They are an enthusiastic and lively group that meet once a month to see and discuss creative processes, plus interact with and give feedback to artists at different stages of research. We managed to cram in questions, discussions and practical tasks together. The duet explores ‘touch’, so I shared a task I did with the performers when we first met. I brought along different forms of clay and play-dough and we explored movement with and without these materials. Before I even set up the task, I enjoyed watching people chatting and instinctively touching and manipulating the clays. I think it brought out a playful and curious attitude in the group. It was also great to see the ‘aftermath’… bits of stuff stretched and squashed and pulled apart left on the tables. It was useful for me to hear about their experiences of doing the task and also seeing each other doing or ‘performing’ it. These discussions help me explore how tangible or visible we can make the invisible, and how interacting with different materials might support and influence different movement. We watched a scene from the film A Brief Encounter and fed back thoughts to Sarah to kick off her research into a new piece with emerging artists. We also all had a go at an exercise in telepathy for Annie’s research with 3 performers. It was a busy night, but very enjoyable. I really didn’t know what to expect, and wondered if people might think squashing play-dough a silly thing to do but The Audience Club seemed up for it! At the end we asked about expectations of work described as ‘inclusive’. It was fascinating to discuss different opinions and perspectives. It was all very helpful stuff and really made me think. We need to discuss these terms together and find how best to express our values, our research, and the work we want to make.

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