DEsPRESSO: a photo diary

Michele opening solo - I worked with just Michele this morning, to develop the opening solo of the show. It's about solitude and loneliness. He is alone in his room, trapped inside his depression.
Candoco Artist Jemima Hoadley has recently spent some time in Italy developing a new piece of work – DEsPRESSO – exploring themes of depression and loneliness. This is her photo diary documenting the process.

Reflections on 2016

Backstage at STEPS Festival, Photography Helen Rees 2016
Season’s Greetings from Candoco Dance Company and a reflection on a tumultuous year from Executive Director, Jo Towler.

Feeling Unlimited

Youth Dance Intern Anna Vittoria Clark (right) with Cando2 member [NAME] at Teacher Training Intensive Day
Youth Dance Intern Anna has made a home for herself at Candoco. She writes about her role and her experiences so far

Exploring Dance through War

Students, school pupils and war veterans come together to create unique dance piece, Traces of War. Participant Nicola De Maine writes of her dance experience.