Our first production was back in 1991 and we’ve done a fair few since. Take a peek at the past and see who the choreographers are we have worked with over the years:

Title Choreographer/Director Premiered
For Starters A Benjamin, C Dandeker & J Hewison May 1991
The Edge of the Forest Victoria Jane Marks May 1991
Cantalope Reel Adam Benjamin June 1991
Resurrection Shuffle Candoco & P Newman May 1992
Christy Don’t Leave So Soon A Benjamin, C Dandeker, & L Parkinson May 1992
Human Race A Benjamin, C Dandeker, & L Parkinson May 1992
Flying in the Face of… A Benjamin & L Parkinson Feb 1993
Back to Front with Side Shows Emilyn Claid May 1993
To Please The Desert Jodi Falk May 1993
Between the National and the Bristol Siobhan Davies Jan 1994
Once Upon A Time in England Darshan Singh-Bhuller April 1992
A Flock Apart Adam Benjamin Oct 1994
Cantador Jodi Falk Feb 1995
You Are Now Entering the State of Love Lea Parkinson Oct 1995
Trades and Trusts Guilherme Botelho May 1996
Across Your Heart Emilyn Claid and Candoco Sep 1996
Out of Here Annabel Arden, Jos Houben & Candoco Mar 1998
Deuce Celeste Dandeker & Sue Smith Nov 1998
Tonic Sue Smith May 1999
I Hastened Through My Death Scene To Catch Your Last Act Javier de Frutos Sep 2000
Sunbyrne Doug Elkins Sep 2000
Sour Milk Javier de Frutos June 2002
Phasing Jamie Watton June 2002
Shadow Fin Walker June 2002
A Maze In You Jurg Koch July 2002
Dancers’ Project, Site Specific, Greenwich Dance Hall Jasmin Vardimon May 2003
Microphobia Bettina Strickler and Luca Silvestrini Sep 2003
The Human Suite Stephen Petronio Dec 2003
Momento Mori-Momento Amore Athina Vahla May 2004
The Journey Fin Walker Sep 2005
In Praise of Folly Athina Vahla Sep 2005
And who shall go to the ball? Rafael Bonachela April 2007
The Stepfather Arthur Pita April 2007
Spaces Between, Royal Festival Hall re-opening Athina Vahla May 2007
Olympic and Paralympic Handover Ceremony, Beijing Kate Prince Aug 2008
The Perfect Human Hofesh Shechter Sep 2008
Still Nigel Charnock Sep 2008
In Translation Emanuel Gat April 2010
The Hangman Sarah Michelson April 2010
Imperfect Storm Wendy Houstoun April 2010
Heartland Collaboration with Scarabeus Aerial Company and writer Nicky Singer, Choreography by Stine Nilsen Sep 2010
Set and Reset/Reset Trisha Brown Dance Company Sep 2011
Looking Back Rachid Ouramdane Sep 2011
This is It Matthias Sperling Sep 2011
12 Claire Cunningham June 2012
Parallel Lines Marc Brew June 2012
Paralympic Closing Ceremony Kim Gavin Sep 2012
Studies for C  Javier de Frutos Sep 2012
Two for C  Javier de Frutos June 2013
Miniatures  Lea Anderson Nov 2013
Notturnino Thomas Hauert Feb 2014
Let’s Talk About Dis Hetain Patel Oct 2014
The Show Must Go On Jérôme Bel Mar 2015
Beheld Alexander Whitley Oct 2015
Display at Wellcome Collection Mirjam Gurtner May 2016
You and I Know Arlene Phillips May 2016