Tanja Erhart

'Notturnino' by Thomas Hauert. Photo by Hugo Glendinning
‘Notturnino’ by Thomas Hauert. Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Name: Tanja Erhart

Age: 31

Where are you from? Born in Tyrol, bred also in Lower Austria until I ended up in my adopted home towns Vienna and London.

What three things are you most looking forward to as a cast member for The Show Must Go On?
1) Performing and touring the show 2) with an exciting versatile bunch of 20 people 3) to UK’s top and huge contemporary dance venues!

When you’re not featuring in the Show Must Go On what is your usual occupation? Dancing and teaching and being one of the Candocians.

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be? Dancing and singing on top of the snowcapped and sunlit heights of the alps in my dirndl dress of course … just like Maria in The Sound of Music!

What has been your biggest challenge? Ending chapters in my book of life and becoming a professional dancer.

What is your earliest memory? Me and my brother racing at a car park, him with roller-skates, me in my wheelchair, until I hit the pavement, fell out of the chair and hit the edge with my chin which had to be stitched at the doctors then, after my dad carried me there in his white shirt totally blood overflowed. I strongly believe scars tell the best stories!

What is the most important lesson life has taught you? Something my Mama taught me and life reaffirms over and over again … There is nothing good without any bad and nothing bad without any good. Which means Life is a f*cking brilliant rollercoaster!

How would you like to be remembered? With my reverberating laugh in their ears. Hahaha!

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