Double Bill at STEPS festival

'Set and Reset/Reset' by Trisha Brown Dance Company with Candoco Dance Company. (Photo by Hugo Glendinning)
‘Set and Reset/Reset’ by Trisha Brown Dance Company with Candoco Dance Company. (Photo by Hugo Glendinning)

Candoco’s double bill features the landmark contemporary dance piece, Set and Reset/Reset, created in collaboration with the Trisha Brown Dance Company and Notturnino, a humorous and poetic full-company work inspired by retired opera singers by Thomas Hauert.

Originally choreographed on a cast of non-disabled dancers in 1983, Set and Reset/Reset is a landmark piece of contemporary dance. Performed to a contagious score by renowned multi-media artist Laurie Anderson, this groundbreaking piece is revived with a new set design and Candoco’s unique perspective.

Thomas Hauert’s new piece Notturnino is a playful and poignant full company work that takes inspiration from the documentary Tosca’s Kiss, a touching film that follows the lives of retired opera singers living in a nursing home in Milan. Using the soundtrack from the film, the piece is scored by fragments of conversation, reminiscences and great operatic works performed by the ageing singers. Through humour and melodrama Notturnino is a deeply nostalgic piece that explores the fragility of the human condition. Hauert has created a tightly structured improvisational score with Candoco’s dancers, resulting in a truly unique experience for each performance.

Double Bill is touring to:
Migros Percentage Dance Festival Steps, Switzerland

Double Bill has previously toured to:
Festival Normal, Umea, Sweden
Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, UK
Sommerblut Festival, Germany
Dance Week Festival, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia