In Translation (2010)

Season 2010/2011

Award-winning choreographer Emanuel Gat delights with his attention to detail to create a beautiful, fluid septet. Performed to a piano score by Johann Sebastian Bach, this intricate piece is built as a single sequence of movement that evolves and unfolds in duets, trios or solos.

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Production Credits

Emanuel Gat: Choreographer & Lighting Designer
Shanti Freed: Costume Buyer

Emanuel Gat’s In Translation, a pleasing slice of “pure” dance set to Bach

The Times May 2010

Insight: Emanuel Gat

Short documentary covering the creation of In Translation (go to our Vimeo channel for a subtitled version).

Emanuel Gat

Bessie Award Winning Choreographer Emanuel Gat was born in Israel in 1969 and studied music at the Tel Aviv Academy. His career in dance started at the Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Company creating his first solo piece Four Dances in 1994.

Gat received a scholarship from the Ballet Master Albert Gaubiers Fund in 1995 and following this was awarded the Rosenblum Award for Performing Arts in 2003 and the Landau Award in 2004.

Gat established his own company – Emanuel Gat Dance in 2004, which received Israel’s Minister of Culture Award in 2005 for outstanding dance performance. In 2006 Gat was named a chosen artist of the Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation IcExcellence, one of Israel’s highest honors for artists.

The company has since created eight pieces that have toured around the world. In 2006 Emanuel Gat received the Bessie Award for the presentation of The Rite of Spring at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York. His last two pieces Silent Ballet and Winter Variations, where both premiered in Montpellier dance festival and are currently touring internationally.

Emanuel is invited regularly as a guest choreographer to create work for other companies such as, Paris Opera Ballet, Ballet de Geneve and Sydney Dance Company among others.

If you want to see the future of dance, take a long look at Emanuel Gat.

Kansas City Star

Interview with Emanuel Gat for In Translation, filmed September 2009 (go to our Vimeo channel for a subtitled version).