Miniatures (2013)

Annie Hanauer in Miniatures. She wears a bright orange wig and stares straight down into the camera with her arms coming up in front of her face.
Annie Hanauer in ‘Miniatures’ by Lea Anderson. Photo by Hugo Glendinning.

Lea Anderson’s Miniatures is a futuristic nod to the Elizabethan era, playfully musing about what may have gone on ‘outside of the frame’ of traditional portraiture. It’s a charming and rigorous solo inspired by London’s V&A museum’s miniatures portrait collection, full of references to poses, dress and demeanour of the period. The resulting piece cleverly uses the modern day ‘frame’ of a TV screen, to lure audiences into a locked gaze with Candoco dancer Annie Hanauer, evoking questions around power and reality.


This is a vivid and thought-provoking work…visually stunning… an innovative work, superbly animated by Hanauer, which creates indelible pictures in the memory.

Graham Watts, DanceTabs

Choreographer’s Note

I made this work after a series of episodes where I found myself in the miniatures room at the V&A museum. I usually create work by creating storyboards of images as an imagined score for dance and on this occasion I have chosen Elizabethan miniatures by artists Nicholas Hilliard and Isaac Oliver.  I was struck by the detail and scale of the tiny portraits, the repetition and rhythm of the clothing and the focus and demeanour of the individuals depicted. I have created a series of performed portraits based on my perceived principles of these Elizabethan miniatures.

Production Credits

Choreography: Lea Anderson
Dancer: Annie Hanauer
Music: Steve Blake
Costume Design: Simon Vincenzi
Staging and Lighting Design: Simon Corder