This Is It (2011)

The invitation to create a solo for the first time in Candoco’s 20 year history immediately sparked a curiosity about how the power of the individual could be a choreographic subject. What, after all, is the individual or self? What if the boundaries of it are mobile rather than fixed? And what if we have the ability to move those boundaries through a constant process of negotiation and exchange with one another? If mind and body are the same physical entity, then isn’t this ongoing evolution of self ultimately a complex series of physical acts? What if all of me is only dancing when I am moving not just my muscles and bones, but also the boundaries of my self?

Matthias Sperling

Concept and Direction: Matthias Sperling
Choreography: Matthias Sperling in collaboration with Vicky Malin
Costume Designer: Jack Galloway
Costume Maker: Sabrina Cuniberto
Lighting Designer: Sam Barrett
Music: Scanner, Matthias Sperling, Vicky Malin – Available on itunes (search for Vicky Malin ‘This is it’)

Dancer: Vicky Malin

Insight video: Matthias Sperling

Matthias Sperling

Originally from Canada, Matthias Sperling has been based in the UK since 1997 and is a Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award winner. His recent works have included commissions for Southbank Centre and Dance Umbrella, and he has collaborated and performed with Random Dance, Adventures in Motion Pictures and Siobhan Davies Dance.

Sperling’s interest in neuroscience is exciting and parallels Candoco’s interest in understanding how people move differently and what triggers movement. His solo piece will mark a departure for Candoco and is a rare opportunity offering an intimate experience to audiences who tend to relate differently to a single performer on stage – acutely aware of their vulnerability, resources and singularity.

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Vicky’s Song

You and I are here tonight
You and I, we’re gonna make it right
You and I will see it through
You and I will make our dreams come true

And this is the time
When I’m gonna make you mine
So open up your world, cause I’m comin in

This is it
Right now
This is it
We’re goin stratospheric
Whoa oh oh oh oh, oho oho

This is it
Whoa oh
This is it
We’re goin overboard
Right here right now

Baby I’m, I’m giving you the sign
Baby I, I wanna cross the line
You and I, we’re going strong
You and I are right where we belong

And there’s nothing that’s stoppin us
And we’re making up our minds
I’m gonna steal through the night across your border




Performed by Vicky Malin
Concept, lyrics and melody by Matthias Sperling
Music and production by Scanner
Commissioned by Candoco Dance Company

Available on iTunes