Feeling Unlimited

Candoco Dance Company, November 1st, 2016
Youth Dance Intern Anna Clark (right) with Cando2 member Asyen Aktu (left) at Teacher Training Intensive day

Youth Dance Intern Anna from the University of Surrey has made a home for herself at Candoco. She writes about her role and her experiences so far.

I was recently asked what I hoped to get out of working at Candoco Dance Company, so I thought back to when I first applied and what I wanted then.

Originally I wanted to work with Advocacy and Digital Communications (Raising awareness and social media). This was what I was determined to achieve and I thought I would be so current posting online and on Instagram about how amazing Candoco is.

Now I am laughing at my past self and how limited my aspirations were.

Sure I post on Twitter regularly and share things on Facebook, email people about Candoco’s current pieces…but that’s only when I have time around everything else I do!

One of the first things I was challenged with at Candoco was a new website. I am now in charge of an entire section of creating this new website. I am writing about Cando2 and putting all of their past pieces into a Choreochronicle, complete with photos and quotes from the dancers. It never crossed my mind that I would be building part of a website, it wasn’t something I thought I would be able to do but it is less complicated and scary than I thought. I’ve loved collating loads of information and trawling through thousands of photos from the past ten years to find the perfect image for each piece. It is still an on going project but I don’t think I’ll ever feel finished; I will always want to go back and add new things!

I’ve also been the main correspondent for our Teacher Training Intensive (TTI) this October. I’ve been emailing all of the participants what feels like several times a day, for weeks! Trying to collect information, organise taxis, make lists and have meetings with the dancers, has been a challenge but I have coped with it all. Speaking to two people coming to the TTI, I told them I was worried that I was bombarding everyone with emails-they reassured me I was the most helpful/organised person ever! So now I can breathe and enjoy the spoils of war.

In amongst all of that, I attend Cando2, Candoco’s Youth Dance Group. And they are the best classes I’ve been to. The teachers are the most vibrant, accepting people who embrace everyone’s individuality. This awakens the young dancers and makes them work so hard as their confidence is through the roof. I find it easy to engage with everyone who attends and it has been great to find like-minded people who are at similar stages in life.

I organise their classes, and I have been entrusted to find fun events for them to take part in for the next couple of terms! So I’ve been searching for exciting venues, projects and hidden gems in the arts industry to show to the group!

Looking back to what I originally wanted to do, I think I was narrow minded as to what options there are. A lot of people training in the dance industry don’t realise the variety of jobs that are available. I don’t think people realise these jobs are exciting, immersive and necessary for all amazing performances and events to take place.

The range of tasks I have are truly unlimited and I find myself saying yes to every opportunity that is offered. I have seen dialogues, watched shows and been at sneak previews. It makes occasionally falling asleep on the bus worth it.

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