Tea with Flo and Anne

Candoco Dance Company, December 12th, 2017
Flo meets Assistant Producer Anne

My name is Floriane and I am Candoco Dance Company’s student placement student for this year.

When I moved from France to England, I learnt that the best chats happen over a good cup of tea (or glass of wine) which is why, when I decided I wanted to get to know the team better, I started making more tea! Over the next few months, I will be sitting down with Candoco’s people in the office and the studio for a cuppa. I will ask them the same seventeen questions and post the answers here on our website every week. So, as I learn more about what goes on and who makes it happen, so will you.

For the very first edition of Tea with Flo, I introduce you to Anne Rieger, Touring and Programming Assistant Producer.

Q1: How do you like your tea?

A: I like all kinds of tea. Today, I had elderflower and cranberry tea, mint tea, turmeric tea and this afternoon a decaf with a splash of sweetened almond milk. When it comes to tea, I’m flexible. – I am sure this is a handy skill for Anne to have when it comes to doing such an intense job.

Q2: What is the most stressful task you have had to do recently?

A: We coordinated a touring party of twenty-nine people for Candoco’s tour of Jérôme Bel’s The Show Must Go On in Paris. I had to organise all sorts of logistical things including travel accommodation and special requirements. A lot of people were travelling from outside London so there was a lot to do, and a lot of negotiations with the festival.

Q3: What is the most satisfying thing you have done in the last two weeks?

A: Again, The Show Must Go On. Everyone arrived at rehearsals on time, everyone was there and it’s very satisfying to see that they are having such a good time in France. I now also have time to get all the spreadsheets for 2018 done, the schedule for Aspire, the studio bookings and budget templates in place. Everything feels like it’s in order and I am on top of things.

Q4: Savoury or sweet?

A: Savoury.

Q5: How long have you been doing your job?

A: Since July 2016.

Q6: What is your favourite colour?

A: Ermmm, it is a tough one. I really like royal blue, but I also really like mustard yellow and green – and all the colours of the rainbow, right? Anne clearly likes variety which is ideal given her job is so varied.

Q7: If you could try another role in the company, what would you want to do?

A: I think I would love to be Garethour Production Manager- for a day. It’s such a different side of working for the company because it is not office based but it is about being on the road and making the work happen.

Q8: Television or books?

A: Books.

Q9: Since I am asking you seventeen questions, can you explain your role and what it takes to do it in seventeen words?

A: ‘logistics, administration, making things happen, speedy, not too speedy, considerate, looking ahead, earning money, taking care of-the-dancers’. It looks like the role of assistant producer is way too complex to be defined in seventeen words, so we’ll allow Anne a few extra words…

Q10: If you could be any dancer in any work ever done by Candoco, who would you be and in what?

A: I would love to be Dan Daw in Studies for C.

Q11: What is your favourite season?

A: I love them all equally.

Q12: What are the highlights of your past week?

A: I got a day off on Friday and that was amazing haha – now that is a highlight Anne! Erm, I made an agreement with the British Council on a fee that made me quite happy and a few other bookings came through for the new duet by Caroline Bowditch. I was also glad to see that The Show Must Go On had a great first performance in France.

Q13: What are three things that people remember you for?

A: Friendly. A good sense of humour. Intelligent… – she laughs - humble.

Q14: Christmas or your birthday?

A: My birthday.

Q15: Dancing at the ball or dancing the night away?

A: Dancing the night away.

Q16: Who do you work the most with at the office?

A: This incredible, pregnant, vegan woman – I’m sorry who? Marianne Mogendorff, our Touring and Programming Producer.

Q17: Do you speak any other languages? Yes, I speak German and Dutch.

Well, that’s it for the very first Tea With Flo. I hope that this way you got to know Anne a little better and understand more about what it takes to work as an Assistant Producer.

Stay tuned for a second edition next week!

Flo x