Tea with Flo and Marianne

Candoco Dance Company, February 6th, 2018
Programming and Touring Producer Marianne

After a week in the studio, my first job now I’m back in the office is to transcribe the conversation I had last week with Programming and Touring Producer, Marianne. She has just left us to go on maternity leave, so this will be her last cuppa at Candoco for a while.

Q1: How do you like your tea?

A: I have my tea currently decaf with some form of oat milk or soy milk or anything that is non-dairy milk that is in the office and that hasn’t gone off. No sugar.

Q2: What is the most stressful task you have had to do in this job recently?

A: Probably that I’m trying to do my handover before I go next week, trying to consolidate everything from the last couple of years into an understandable and manageable package for someone else to pick up and run with, that’s quite a lot of pressure. It’s hard to cover everything comprehensively. -I can only imagine how hard it is to sum up two years of work in a nutshell!

Q3: What is the most satisfying thing you have had to do in the last two weeks/recently?

A: I’ve not been in the office very much. -It could be anything you want. I guess I’ve finally managed to buy a cot for my forthcoming offspring. I know that if he suddenly turns up now I have somewhere for him to sleep. That was a relief, I finally got that sorted.

Q4: Savoury or sweet?

A: Sweet, definitely. The sweet cravings have probably gone out of control in the last nine months as well. -So do you get random cravings? I haven’t had them that much really, although last night I did eat two jacket potatoes without any filling and that was… Weird. I just wanted the starchy ‘potato-ness’. Other than that, I’ve just eaten a lot of sweet things like dark chocolate. -Chocolate is usually a favourite. You don’t even need the excuse of being pregnant to eat that.

Q5: How long have you been doing your job?

A: About two-and-a-half years here and I’ve worked in theatre or the arts for about ten years but in a variety of roles within that time.

Q6: What is your favourite colour?

A: Probably red. It’s always what I’ve said historically so I think I’m going to stick with that. Although I like green, but definitely not together. Too Christmassy.

Q7: If you could try out another role in the company, which one would you choose?

A: I mean I’d love to be one of the dancers. If I could do it, it would be really fun to get to spend a day messing about in a rehearsal room and go on stage, travelling the world and doing stuff with your body versus sitting down all day. If that was possible, then it’s definitely what I would choose. -I mean who wouldn’t choose that?

Q8: Television or Books?

A: It’s probably television. My attention span isn’t good enough anymore for reading, although hopefully I’ll rediscover that when everything’s more settled.

Q9: 17 words explaining your role and what is takes to do it.

A: Organising and pre-empting problems and opportunities to enable the company to reach a wide audience. Budgets. Timelines.

How many have I done, I don’t think that was 17? -Let’s add another few words anyway, you seem to be on a good streak.

Making, touring and logistics. -You’re the first one that tried to make actual sentences as opposed to a list! Except from the end bit, that was more of a list, haha.

Q10: If you could be any dancer in any work ever done by Candoco, who would you be?

A: One of the dancers’ role in Notturnino because I think that’s such a beautiful piece with elements of improvisation and beautiful costumes. Obviously, it’s been through lots of cast changing so it’s hard to pick one specific role. I’d want to get the opportunity to wear the bear costume so whoever’s dancing that particular role.

Q11: What is your favourite season?

A: Spring. Everything starts growing again, it’s green and warming up. Everything starts looking hopeful. It’s the season that reminds you that we have proper seasons.

Q12: What did you enjoy doing the most this week?

A: It’s nice to come back in the office and see everyone after not seeing them for nearly a month. It’s great to reconnect with the team before I will be soon not coming in. -It’s so soon isn’t it?

Q13: What are the three things people remember you for?

A: People have said to me in the past that I have very expressive hand gestures when I’m talking and trying to make a point. I can have quite a loud voice at times and sometimes I accidentally have a quite stern, unfriendly resting face so I end up giving people evil looks when I don’t really mean to.

Q14: Christmas or your birthday?

A: Christmas. You get to see your family and build up to a lovely day of traditions and rituals. People come together and play games. It’s that moment when everything slows down. Whereas your birthday, you still have to work and have stuff to do. -You just celebrate and carry on!

Q15: Dancing at the ball or dancing the night away?

A: Dancing the night away.

Q16: Who do you work with the most at the office?

A: Probably Anne, we work together on managing the Touring and Producing programme. Also, Ellie, we try to coordinate our activity to make connections between the learning work and the programming and touring work, so probably those two.

Q17: Can you speak any other languages?

A: I can speak a tiny bit of Spanish and… An even smaller amount of French. -Everyone is scared but don’t worry I won’t test you. Yeah, I thought ‘oh no I shouldn’t mention it or she’ll make me’…

Well, we just have to wish you good luck for your first steps into parenthood! We’ll miss you. We’re also looking forward to welcoming a new Candocan to replace Marianne while she is away. More on that another time...!

Flo x