Two For C

Two for C by Javier de Frutos, Photography by Pedro Machado 2013

Two for C is award-winning choreographer Javier de Frutos' (Cabaret and The Most Incredible Thing) newest work for Candoco. Like de Frutos' 2012 duet Studies for C, Two for C was also inspired by Tennessee Williams’ play Camino Real and explores a world in which a couple is trapped in a longstanding relationship, characterised by struggle and power play. Set to traditional Mexican Ranchera music, the performances take place in an intimate domestic world in which the use of Mexican wrestling masks suggests the deeper, darker forces at work.

Two for C is a prequel to Studies for C, set in the same space, but inhabited by two very different characters.

The piece was commissioned by the Without Walls Consortium and is intended to be performed in a variety of spaces - from outdoors at festivals to unconventional indoor venues including libraries, nightclubs, museums and galleries, as well as in traditional theatres.


another addition to an unbroken line of successes from de Frutos
- Graham Watts, DanceTabs

Production Details

  • Year: 2013
  • Choreography & Design: Javier de Frutos
  • Rehearsal Director: Mirjam Gurtner
  • Costume Realisation: Kostas Papamatthaiakis and Rick Rodgers
  • Music: Lila Downs - Tirinenu Tsitsiki, Cielo Rojo, Paloma Negra from the album Una Sangre