International Summer Lab

  • Photography by Pedro Machado, 2015
  • Dog Kennel Hill Project workshop
  • Dog Kennel Hill Project workshop


When: Monday 13th – Friday 17th August 2018

Where: Dance Department, University of Roehampton, London

This year’s International Summer Lab is a unique opportunity to meet the new Artistic Co-Directors of Candoco Dance Company, Charlotte Darbyshire and Ben Wright, to train directly with company dancers, and to work with guest artists Henrietta Hale, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Ben Ash of Dog Kennel Hill Project.

“Having followed Dog Kennel Hill Project’s work closely over the past 15 years, we jumped at the opportunity to invite the collective to lead our International Lab this summer. Valuing the sensitivity, rigour and humour inherent within their work, the Lab will be a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with the group’s collaborative practice, weaving overlapping threads of enquiry and seeing how connections are made between different creative approaches.” Ben Wright and Charlotte Darbyshire, Artistic Co-Directors, Candoco Dance Company

Dog Kennel Hill Project (DKHP) will lead an experimental choreographic Lab to investigate and share their current strands of research looking at human social behaviours through movement.

Each day will begin with a daily practice, focusing on awareness of felt senses. This will be an opportunity to test the scope of your attention and explore the limits of your physical and energetic abilities. You will also investigate what it is like to work within set structures and material with a fresh and adventurous approach.

During each afternoon, DKHP will offer two focused, yet playful workshops, across two adjacent studios. Core to their collaborative practice is looking at how different strands of research can be in dialogue or frame one another, to create performative constellations. Participants can experience both workshops over the first two days of the Lab before choosing which workshop to continue with for the rest of the week.

Workshop 1 - Wayfaring Encounters

This choreographic workshop will involve wooden tripods that will be collectively organised along pathways and in formations, creating an unfolding, mobile puzzle. This offers physical exploration of different movement languages driven from a sense of purpose and cooperation. In examining what we perform when we come together, we reveal how collaboration in composing the spaces and places we inhabit is an innate quality of our social structure.

Workshop 2 - Messages from The Field

Inspired by the study of interpersonal communication, we will create autobiographical solo dances to look at the ways we read each other in movement, through seeing and other modes of social connection. Here, we explore how meaning is made of movement through acknowledging a whole array of signals, preconceived ideas, framings. We will also play with the gritty relationship between movement and words, exploring how we can use words to translate/describe movement rather than interpreting meaning onto movement.

“The Summer Lab for me is the moment during the year to reconnect to myself fully from an artistic point of view, to break from the working routine and find new inspirations, desires and needs inside myself.” Summer Lab Participant, 2015.

The International Summer Lab fee is £270. This cost covers participation in the week only and does not cover expenses such as travel, meals or accommodation. Participants will need to make arrangements independently, although accommodation options will be provided by Candoco within an information pack.

A limited number of bursaries are available to support disabled artists attendance. Please contact if you’d like to discuss this further.

If you have particular support requirements (e.g. Sign Language Interpreter), please inform us. Candoco is committed to ensuring that everyone’s support needs are met; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We invite disabled and non-disabled dance artists and students to participate in the Lab, as well as artists, practitioners and students from other disciplines who have a curiosity for movement. All participants should be over 18.

A detailed schedule and information pack will be distributed in advance.


Dog Kennel Hill Project (DKHP) is a collective of dance artists Henrietta Hale, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Ben Ash. Recently associates with Dance4 in Nottingham, DKHP has produced work for theatres, outdoor sites, screen and visual arts contexts. Originating from a background of classical and contemporary dance, choreography and somatic enquiry, their practice involves interdisciplinary processes, experimentation and combining artforms. Their curiosity about people and what makes the world tick has led them into various encounters and collaborations ranging from opera singers to neuroscientists, boat-builders, security guards, and environmentalists. They have received several commissions from high profiled organisations including The Place Prize, Scottish Dance Theatre, Dance Umbrella, Whitechapel Gallery and Modern Art Oxford. Nominated for a Total Theatre Award at the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2011, they have presented their work internationally, notably, Springdance Utrecht, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Arts Cross China, Nottdance Uk and The Barbican London.

  • Lab dates

  • Monday 13th – Friday 17th August 2018
  • Address

  • Dance Department, University of Roehampton
  • Davies Studio, Froebel College
  • Roehampton Lane
  • London, SW15 5PJ